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FleetAuditSolutions -- Fleet Tracker

Program Features

  • View or update your maintenance records from any modern browser, including mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.
  • Get an e-mail reminder when it is time to perform recurring maintenance items such as renewing permits, inspections, and registration.
  • View a calendar showing all the maintenance due for the month.
  • Quickly see where your maintenance dollars are going using a bar chart of cost per quarter for each maintenance category.
  • See a report of all the maintenance activity for the whole fleet or for an individual vehicle.
  • Maintain driver qualification records and upload files related to drivers or vehicle maintenance.

Click Here to Enroll

  • The Enrollment page will let you quickly enter your Company info plus a user name and password that you want to use in the FleetAuditSolutions Fleet Tracker app.
  • Once enrolled, you will be sent a confirmation email with additional information.